Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Cornwall - Days 2 and 3

At last the weather has improved and we're having some great days.
Cornwall is surprisingly dog friendly and we've found a few beaches that we can take Molly to, and they're actually nice sandy beaches as well (you usually need to don mountain climbing gear to safely negotiate the rocks on a beach that allows dogs).
So, we've had an enjoyable day emptying rock pools and today we went to The Lost Gardens Of Heligan. What an amazing place! It is a large family estate that slowly fell into disrepair after most of the staff died in World War 1. In 1991 work started on renovation and it is now pretty much as it was, which is very impressive indeed. Rather than waffle forever it's easier to point you toward http://www.heligan.com/
And when we got back to the 'cottage' they had even cut the grass! The hidden downside to that is we are now in danger of decapitation from low flying frisbees and Christopher's latest sport of Rugby. It doesn't really bother me, except maybe when he knocks my beer over...

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