Saturday, July 28, 2007

Conservatory Rebuild - Day 5

At last we can get an idea of size as the brickwork has started.

Conservatory Rebuild Day 5 Conservatory Rebuild Day 5 Conservatory Rebuild Day 5

Next they will come and sort the base out; more hard core, the damp course and a base of concrete. The brick wall between us and next door will also be built as will what we can now call the "cloak room" rather than the toilet in the corner of our lean to :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Conservatory Rebuild - Days 3 and 4

Day 3 and there's now concreted footings. However, I'm not particularly happy about the amount of the old base that is just lying there. I was expecting that it would have been removed first so they could lay the new floor properly.

Conservatory rebuild - Day 3 Conservatory rebuild - Day 3 Conservatory rebuild - Day 3

A neighbour has since assured me that they take some away, use some as the hard core for the new base and then concrete up to the damp course in the house. That put my mind at rest a bit as I'm hoping for a decent, well insulated base.

Day 4 - not a lot happened today thanks to the beautiful summer we are having. It chucked it down! We have at least now got a pile of bricks on the drive waiting to be turned into a cloakroom, a side wall and the base. Some of the old base was also removed and skipped, and this pile of stone has arrived.

Conservatory rebuild - Day 4 Conservatory rebuild - Day 4 Conservatory rebuild - Day 4

Hopefully (weather permitting) we'll get some brick work done tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Conservatory Rebuild - Day 2

Not nearly as much done as yesterday, but then it's hard work breaking up a couple of foot of concrete.

Day 2 Conservatory Rebuild

Notice that the toilet has gone but they haven't yet disconnected the water! The children think it very funny when you flush it.

Day 2 Conservatory Rebuild

No idea how long it will last, but so far they've managed not to wreck my grass.

Day 2 Conservatory Rebuild

There's a fair bit to be done tomorrow because (apparently) the concrete will be arriving. I wonder if Tamsyn is any good with a pick-axe?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Conservatory Rebuild - Day 1

After 10 years of putting up with a wooden lean-to as a conservatory work has started on the new one.

Sunday was spent running round like a mad man trying to clean out the old one, disconnect wiring and generally get it ready for the work men who arrived this morning - not to mention rescuing my plants, which were just starting to look great! :(

Unbelievably it has taken just one day to get it from:
Conservatory Rebuild - Day 0

to this:
Conservatory Rebuild - Day 1

Tomorrow the toilet goes and so does the floor. No idea how deep they will be digging but it's getting a totally new base and a fair bit of brickwork ready for the final fit at the end of August.

Here's a few more photos for good measure:
Conservatory Rebuild - Day 1 Conservatory Rebuild - Day 0 Conservatory Rebuild - Day 1