Sunday, August 28, 2005

Eating right, getting fit and losing weight

Last Christmas I weighed 12 stone and was as unfit as I can ever remember being. I almost couldn't get into the gym at work because my blood pressure was right on the edge of being too high. Anyway reaching the edge of your clothes is all very well if you can afford new ones but being from the North of England and, I quote a friend I worked with in London, "a typical northern tight-arse" I decided something needed doing if my wallet was going to survive a future shopping trip.

I've never had to diet before but knew enough to know that killing yourself on the Atkins diet, or starving yourself on the Cabbage soup diet were daft so I bought the "You Are What You Eat Cookbook" by Gillian McKeith and changed what I ate.

I also stumbled across Don Lemmon on the Internet and found his mix of eating right and exercise more my thing. So I ordered his Book 1 (available from his web site below - stick with the page as there's a lot of info and if you read it all it does make sense). It's a really interesting read and teaches you a whole lot more about food - He basically splits food into 12 groups and teaches you how to combine certain foods and eat others separately. It's more of a life-style change and unlike other fad-diets you don't stop eating carbohydraytes or live on salad, but eat good food, more often. And to top it all he's a real nice guy who answers your emails and encourages discussion at his board

And what's great is Gillian McKeith agrees with some of what he says so you're never stuck for a recipe - I've learnt some great new dishes and now do all our cooking rather than just most of it :)

Anyway, the long and short of it is that I lost a stone and a half, dropped a couple of inches off my waist, got fit and look better than I did when I was 21 (I can even see my abs - at 36!). And I'm never hungry because the Know-How diet encourages you to eat.

It's great and it works. What are you waiting for?

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