Saturday, November 25, 2023

Using A Boox Handwriting Tablet To Create Trello Cards

I bought the Boox Note Air 2 Plus (details can be found at Amazon - note this is an associate link - because I am constantly scribbling down notes and designs for projects I hope to start one day. The fact I never get round to half of them is another issue, but still it means I have bits of paper all over the place.

The joys of this tablet are:
  • It's e-ink so battery life is amazing
  • All notes can be backed up to a cloud provider of your choice - I use Google Drive because it enables me to OCR my scribbles into typed text
  • It is basically an Android tablet so you have access to other Android apps
This enables me to keep said notes in one place on a device that can also be backed up. I also use Trello for creating reminders and job cards etc so have written a couple of scripts to enable me to do it from lists on the Boox device. 

The full writeup, and link to Github repo, can be seen at

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