Monday, October 29, 2007

The Second Coming must be just around the corner!

After what must be the tenth attempt a miracle has occurred and we have found a plasterer who both answers your calls, comes when he says AND doesn't quote you a ridiculous price. Rest assured we are treating him well in case he disappears for the next month leaving our house like the pictures below...

Household improvements Household improvements

Today, after a weekend removing radiators and stripping wallpaper, he arrived and took off the old plaster. As expected he sneezed on one wall and the lot just fell off which made his job quite easy. He also reckons that the hallway was dangerous and would have gone earlier if it wasn't for the wood chip paper holding it up!

None of this surprises me much.

Household improvements Household improvements

Fingers crossed he comes back as promised tomorrow to board the walls ready for plastering and skimming on Wednesday.

I bet after he does the hall and stuff he forgets all about the conservatory :)

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