Sunday, November 12, 2006

Is your Bokashi smelly?

If you've been composting using Bokashi and have found that the bin gives off a sickly sweet smell (a bit like silage if you've ever worked on a farm and a rotten fruit smell crossed with car sickness for everyone else) then it might just be that you've been acting like the tight Northern short arse that I am!

Thanks to Rachel at Wiggly Wigglers I have been shown the error of my ways and now add two hand fulls of Bokashi bran every time I add stuff to the bin i.e. follow the instructions instead of thinking you can make the bran go further :)

Having done as I was told for the last month there is no smell whatsoever from the bin, which means I can add waste to it from the kitchen rather than having to go outside for fear of being whacked round the head and shouted at by my wife. The process of emptying the bin once ready is also considerably more pleasant and you are able to move onto another job immediately after rather than frantically gulp some fresh air in the hope that the feeling goes away before you throw up on your shoes.

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Heather @ Wiggly Wigglers said...

Glad to hear that has worked. We've trialled Bokashi for over 18 months here and so far have found no matter how much you neglect the bin you can recover the situation by adding extra Bokashi Bran into your kit.
We are just starting to trial Bokashi in our Bird Feeds - having already had wonderful results from feeding Bokashi to Chickens.