Monday, October 03, 2005

Save our school - part II

As part of the Save Our School campaign we are writing letters to the Powers That Be and I got a bit carried away. Tamsyn won't let me send the following - can't think why....

Dear Sir/Madam,
Both my children are pupils at Kingsley St Johns Primary School and I have been shocked to hear of the possible merger with Norley CE Primary School due to funding being plundered from local authorities by a corrupt government to pay for a war we don’t want in a country we don’t care about.

Kingsley may be a small rural village in Cheshire but the school is the centre of the community and provides excellent education for our children as well as extra curricular activities.

The proposal to merge Kingsley and Norley, resulting in the closure of one of the schools means that the children from the school that gets closed will have to travel further meaning we all have to use our cars and burn more fossil fuel because of the distance and unsafe road – there is no pavement for a good deal of the way either, though I don’t suppose that really matters; After all if we lose a few children to traffic accidents on the way then that’s even more money that can be diverted to our glorious cause in Iraq.

And what about those children with parents who do not own a car?

There is little public transport available, and none between the two villages, so how are these children expected to get to school? Young primary school children are far too young to be put on any school bus so the use of a car will become mandatory.

Some of the problems this merger will cause are:
• Larger classes will result in the children getting less of the attention they need to progress,
• The loss of a successful and caring school with a broad and balanced curriculum
• As mentioned above road traffic, pollution and parking difficulties will increase.
• Once a school has been closed and the land used for building (more houses no doubt) there is little chance it will ever be re-opened in the future. Plus, new houses will probably mean more future pupils!

Needless to say I've written another and sent it out :)

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